The brilliant Jon Campbell.
When Ali first came to the workshops there was something a little amateur about her, as if she didn’t really know what she was doing. No longer,

Ali has made the journey from amateur to professional very visible and its been a pleasure to watch

Yes, there are barriers through which she still has to break but to my delight I see her getting there each time we meet 

Jon Campbell Director White Space Films

Year Show As Notes
2017 Friends of St James Park Yoga model for Social Media Joe Photographer
2017 The Bournemouth Horror Tilly Rory Yeung
2016 Taboo Theatre guest Taboo Productions Ltd
2016 Are we lonely Ali J Rennie Flami Maria Vannozzi
2016 In The Shadow of the Dreamgirl Petunia De Cou Ricky Roffey Productions
2015 Women on the Water Ali Rennie Warsash sailing Club
2014 Michael Grant Ali J Rennie presenter Michael Grant
2013 Downton Abbey 2 nd series Funeral Mourner Carnival films Ltd,
2011 The Iron Lady Secretary Pathe films Ltd
2010 Nanny Mcphee and the Big Bang Stand in for Emma Thompson Studio Canal
2008 Death Defying Acts Stand In for Catherine Zeta Jones Myriad Pictures Lts
2007 The Good Shepherd Nurse Morgon Creek Productions
2005 Keeping Mum Prison Guard Keeping Mum IOM Ltd